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haky baky kadeznaky
Dialog o cucoriedkovici: - darmo, len hrusku maju dobru - aj slivku - ani marhula neni zla
Docasne alkoholove priblizenia
pozri, uz opuchas zlatko. prepac ze som ta udrel. potrebujem sa zhulit. dobre, chod sa zhulit. dobre. pomooooocc!!! mozgove mucenie! :) tt0279113
dusevny striptiz
- navrhujem použiť TTP - čo je TTP? - ťažký tupý predmet
meno mesto zviera vec - gyros - no, to je zviera v pokrocilom stadiu spracovania - Grošek - tak to je teda riadne zviera
mozes robit akukolvek kokotinu, vzdycky sa najde skupina ludi ktorej sa to bude pacit.
I don´t need sex, coz my school fucks me enough !!!
You don’t fuck with the Jedi Master!
zmysel nackov dal majster proper aj on bol nacek a zbavoval sa spiny
telo drumovo nech ma zachova pre zivot vecny.
peklo je raj dosiahol som dno
http://www.projekty.sk/ dakujem autorovi za usmev na mojej tvari :)
Ktovie ci by bolo na svete tolko basni, keby vsetci dostali vcas a poriadne najest.
lexus luxus
dosiahol som permanentnu opilost, aspon na chvilu. chlast PREHRAL!!!!!
- piskvorky? - jasne, vsak to je logicka hra - mozem jebat. aj CSko je logicka hra
to bol len taky postorgazmicky mozgovy krc
Mefistofeles, kde si?! Chcem s tebou uzavriet obchod!
komu jebe?
tywole, Hitler daval piko :: From 1942 until his death in 1945, Adolf Hitler may have been given intravenous injections of methamphetamine by his personal physician Theodor Morell as a treatment for depression and fatigue.
jop. spinava rekurzivna sinusoida zacykleneho zivota. skoda len, ze nam od malicka nehovorili pravdu. ale tak, ako sme ako deti verili na vianoce a mikulasa, tak teraz stale ako deti verime v inu rozpravku. no a proste zivot je presne taky ako sa nam javi. a len preto si to nechceme uznat, lebo nam to vsetkym vadi.
pozeram na strop s nohami vylozenymi na stole. a premyslam ako mi zivot unika cez prsty. raz to leti, potom sa zas vlecie. raz mi je dobre a potom zrazu klesnem dole. chytim motyla, vyzera ako stastie a hned nato ho sam spokojny pustim z hrsti viecka mi zatvara, som unaveny, vietor ma chladi zial, ak sa zobudim opat mi zacne vsetko vadit uz nevidim strop, oci zatvoril som. dobru noc, clovek. clovek, ktory je vo mne a ja v nom.
to nie je hudba, to je poezia.
when everyone you have ever loved is finally gone when everything you have ever wanted is finally done with when all of your nightmares are for a time obscured as by a shining brainless beacon or a blinding eclipse of the many terrible shapes of this world when you are calm and joyful and finally entirely alone then in a great new darkness you will finally execute your special plan one needs to have a plan someone said who was turned away into the shadows and who i had believed was sleeping or dead imagine he said all the flesh that is eaten the teeth tearing into it the tongue tasting its savor and the hunger for that taste now take away that flesh he said take away the teeth and the tongue the taste and the hunger take away everything as it is that was my plan my own special plan for this world i listened to these words and yet i did not wonder if this creature whom i had thought sleeping or dead would ever approach his vision even in his deepest dreams or his most lasting death because i had heard of such plans such visions and i knew they did not see far enough but what was demanded in a way of a plan needed to go beyond tongue and teeth and hunger and flesh beyond the bones and the very dust of bones and the wind that would come to blow the dust away and so i began to envision a darkness that was long before the dark of night and a strangely shining light that owed nothing to the light of day that day may seem like other days once more we feel the tiny legged trepidations once more we are mangled by a great grinding fear but that day willhave no others after no more worlds like this will follow because i have a plan a very special plan no more worlds like this no more days like that there are but four ways to die a sardonic spirit might have said to me there is dying that occurs relatively suddenly there is dying that occurs relatively gradually there is dying that occurs relatively painlessly there is the death that is full of pain thus by various means they are combined the sudden and the gradual the painless and the painful to yield but four ways to die and there are no others even after the voice stopped speaking I listened for it to speak again after hours and day and years have passed I listened for some further words yet all I heard were the faintest echoes reminding me there are no others there are no others was it then that I began to conceive for this world a special plan? there are no means for escaping this world it penetrates even into your sleep and is his substance you are caught in your own dreaming where there is no space and a hell forever where there is no time you cant do nothing you aren't told to do there is no hope for escape from this dream that was never yours the very words you speak are only its very words and you talk like a traitor under its incessant torture there are many who have designs upon this world and dream of wild and vast reformations i have heard them talking in their sleep of elegant mutations and cunning annihilations i have heard them whispering in the corners of crooked houses and in the alleys and narrow back streets of this crooked creaking universe which they with their new designs were made straight and sound but each of these new and ill conceived designs is deranged in its heart for they see this world as if it were alone and original and not as only one of count with others whose nightmares all precede like a hideous garden grown from a single seed i have heard these dreamers talking in their sleep and i stand waiting for them as at the top of a darkened flight of stairs they know nothing of me and none of the secrets of my special plan while i know every crooked creaking step of theirs it was the voice of someone who was waiting in the shadows who was looking at the moon and waiting for me to turn the corner and enter a narrow street and stand with him in the dull glaze of moonlight then he said to me he whispered that my plan was misconceived that my special plan for this world was a terrible mistake because, he said, there is nothing to do and there is no where to go there is nothing to be and there is no one to know your plan is a mistake,he repeated this world is a mistake, i replied the children always followed him when they saw him hopping by a funny walk a funny man a funny funny funny man he made them laugh sometimes he made them laugh oh yes he did he did he did he did he did oh how he made them roll one day he took them to a place he knew a special place and told them things about this world this funny funny funny world which made them laugh sometimes he made them laugh oh yes he did he did he did he did he did oh how he made them roll then the funny man who made them laugh sometimes he did revealed to them his special plan his very special funny plan knowing they would understand and maybe laugh sometimes he made them laugh oh yes he did he did he did he did he did their eyes grew wide beneath there lids and how he made them roll i first learned the facts from a lunatic in a dark and quiet room that smelled of stale time and space there are no people nothing at all like that the human phenomenon is but the sum of densely coiled layers of illusion each of which winds itself upon the supreme insanity but there are persons of any kind when all that can be is mindless mirrors laughing and screaming as they parade about in an endless dream but when i asked the lunatic what it was it swore itself within these mirrors as they marched endlessly in stale time and space he only looked and smiled then he laughed and screamed and in his black and empty eyes i saw for a moment as in a mirror a form the shade of divinity in flight from its stale infinity oftime and space and the worst of all of this world dreams my special plan for the laughter and the screams we went to see some little show that was staged in an old shed past the edge of town and in its beginnings all seemed well the miniature curtain stage glowed in the darkness while those dolls bounced along on their strings before our eyes and in its beginnings all seemed well but then there came a suttle turning point which some have noticed and i was one who quietly left the show no i did not because i could see where things were going as the antics of those dolls grew strange and the fragile strings grew taut with their tiny pullings ,tiny limbs the others around me became appalled and turned away and abandoned the show that was staged in an old shed past the edge of town but i wanted to witness what could never be i wanted to see what could not be seen but the moment of consummate disaster my puppets turned to face the puppet master it was twilight and i stood in a grayish haze of the vast empty building when the silence was enriched by a reverberant voice all the things of this world it said are of but one essence for which there are no words this is the greater part which has no beginning or end and the one essence of this world for which there can be no words is that all the things of this world this is the lesser part which had a beginning and shall have an end and for which words were conceived solely to speak of the tiny broken beings of this world it said the beginnings and endings of this world it said for which words were conceived solely to speak of now remove these words and what remains it asks me as i stood in the twilight of that vast empty building but i did not answer the question echoed over and over but i remained silent until the echoes died and as twilight passed into the evening i felt my special plan for which there are no words moving towards a greater darkness there are some who have no voices or none that will ever speak because of the things they know about this world and the things they feel about this world because the thoughts that fill a brain that is a damaged brain because the pain that fills a body that is a damaged body exists in other worlds countless other worlds each of which stands alone in an infinite empty blackness for which no words are being conceived and whereno voices are able to speak when a brain is filled only with damaged thoughts when a damaged body is filled only with pain and stands alone in a world surrounded by infinite empty blackness and exists in a world for which there is no special plan when everyone you have ever loved is finally gone when everything you have ever wanted is finally done with when all of your nightmares are for a time obscured as by a shining brainless beacon or a blinding eclipse of the many terrible shapes of this world when you are calm and joyful and finally entirely alone then in a great new darkness you will finally execute your special plan
obnazene tony obnazene zeny
neviem co do toho davaju, ale ta vec co do toho davaju je ta vec co do toho maju davat.
milujem toto rozhranie. to je pre moju dusu to iste ako pre moj kokot striekacka.
na zalezi neporadi
- tvoris? netvoris? - netvorim. tvorim z tvorov netvorov.
je mi luto ze som tuto hudbu nevymyslel ja
doprava zdarma ... ... dolava zľava
ked som porazeny sebou kto je vitazom?
som slovne malomocny
- vonku je tolko motoriek...tolko aut .. a pre mna sa oblicka nenajde
Co idete na psytrance akciu? Nie, nam to jebe prirodzene.
grcka bola vlozena
inac musime asi prestat s tym 42448 alebo aspon ty lebo zasa si tam jebol vec ktoru som tam akoze napisal ja to ze porazeny sam sebou uz sa to stalo asiq 5ty krat a tomuto ja odmietam verit :)
docasne stavy-tu a teraz :: 4248 NEW CHILDREN :: !!NEW DESCENDANT!! :: !!CONTENT CHANGED!! na prvy pohlad som tam videl 42448 skoro ma jeblo! ze znamenie od boha :)
Gulas pachov mhd-cke. Sviatok vsetkych svatych.
Porazeny sebou. Zase raz.
- bud som hladna alebo je to dobre...
to ze mi stoji este nic neznamena
]hEny[fz]: wow jednomu z obsluhy ]hEny[fz]: ted... ·•? PRINCESS <3 MY PRINCE: D aha ]hEny[fz]: byly i ty vrata malem maly ]hEny[fz]: malem byla maly ]hEny[fz]: malem myly maly ]hEny[fz]: ty vrata ]hEny[fz]: :D
lide chteji tak moc. to je zaver, ke kteremu sem dosel po vsech tech letech. chteji byt stastni. a to i kdyz jsou egocentricti, sobecti a skoupi. traveni hodiny za hodinou terapie, pokouset se udelat zlou osobu stastnou. nema to smysl. nemuzete to udelat. prestal sem to delat. nyni pouze predepisuji pilulky. cim silnejsi, tym lepsi. to je jak to je. [du levande]
ano. som tu
medene trubky
menstruacia mrtvej zeny jedna upirka hovori druhej: tak teda stretneme sa o mesiac toto som sice nepochopil ale biolo to drsne ... tak toto nestihnem musis, musis, zapri sa ... a je to tu :)
Michalove rozpravacie kung-fu
toto jedlo by bolo dobre aj ked ho vygrcias a znovu zjes.
ja ho poznam ako v pohode cloveka.on je tiez taky schyzofrenik.
tazke je hrat biliard so spagatom
to ti prida treti rozmer k cestovaniu takto je to dost 2d (cestovanie s padakom na paragliding)
nie je to moc nahlas? nepocujem ta. co?
co vam ide jebat?
- satan si prdol - to kde sa ti generuju taketo outputy? - na pozadi
zeny maju zvlastnu schopnost citovo vydierat bez toho ze by si to uvedomovali
svet sa zblaznil
ja jogu nemozem teda ani neviem co to poriadne je ale nepaci sa mi, ze sa tam nedavajau goly
ze dones styri kilecka volakedy bolo - dones pol gramu a sladkosti hehe :)
- co len s nami bude? - dufam, ze nic
...ty nevies pochopit tuzbu...
Mal by sa niekto dogrcat, aby zachranil cest kolektivu. Lebo kto negrcia, pije pod svoje moznosti. Prof P.
nevsimas si sa...
- no takto - ja sa musim nato vsetko pozerat trosku z vacsieho uhla - rozumies - lebo nie je matematika ako matematika - hovori sa, ze cisla neklamu - ale mozes sa na ne pozerat pod roznymi uhlami a potom sa mozu zdat vacsie ako v skutocnosti su - pripadne nekonecno viac konecne a podobne - vsetko je to cele strasne relativne - a nerad by som to rozoberal takto cez irc - kde sa neda dostatocne dobre vyrozumiet podstatu veci z reci tela - a teraz ked som sa tak odputal
jasne ze musi ten alert prist pri sexe :|
neni krasne na tom svete? no vidis a ludia odchadzaju.
takato velka,tazka picovina by uz mala vediet aj varit. (na fotak)
- zlatko tlacis mi na dychnicu - co? - trubka ktorou sa dycha. dychovod
ti kokoti to varili v tych konzervach !
kam ideme?
heslo je papir, hej?
Plne mesto skaredych ludi. Badtrip s cistou hlavou. Zasranou spinou ludskej reality...


Nie je to nic nove, ale serie ma to riadne... Pojebane ludske kokotenie.
cize ked po tripe ziskas presvedcenie, ze si prevtelenie tutanchamona, tak si treba dost razne uvedomit, ze to, na com stojis je obycajny bratislavsky beton badtrip
osobne to vnimam ako prehru... prepac, ale nehodnot ma teraz
Konecne, nikdo nemuze prezit vlastni smrt. Kazda generace, ktera ze sve skusenosti neco objevi, to musi predat dal; musi ale dbat, aby v tom, co predava dal, bylo jemne vyvazeno, co je treba respektovat, a co ne. Aby lide - vedomi si one choroby, k niz je lidstvo nachylne - nevnucovali sve omyly nastupujicim generacim prilis agresivne, ale aby jim pouze predali nazhromazdenou moudrost plus moudrost, ktera mozna zadnym moudrem neni.
- takze ty si myslis ze nie si schizofrenik a ta druha si mysli ze je jedna? - ano
niekedy si zelam nech moj otec umrie cim skor nech sa nemusim divat na to ako dopadnem
prikvacila ma smutnota...povesila moje stare kosti na klinec...a nechala ma tam hnit... /kiezby to uz bolo za mnou/
tristoosmicka - organista
ja vyjebem aj s dilerom. neboj sa.
to co vidim v zrkadle mi nie je prijemne
moct sa tak obesit do druheho zivota
o chvilu mozno uverim ze zlo je nevyhnutne... a spravne. bez neho nic nefunguje. svet postaveny na protikladoch nedokaze fungovat inak.
v prachu dvaceti let zmizel ohen i led [kk]
Yesterday I was in the USA! It was scary. the people were like uberfriendly, like some kind of twilight zone
pre toto sa oplati zit :)
keby bol boh na svete, tak by sa ti snivavalo vsetko co o tebe niekto povie.
fuu ale som si vykrocil do sveta
Mind over matter. I don't mind so it doesn't matter.
mkdir not war
2 kyva
sloboda je to, co ta najviac obmadzuje
v kralickej biblii bolo ze "nakydam lajno na vase tvare", v novej je "znesiem kal na vase tvare", a stavim sa ze v originale to bolo "naserem vam do xichtu"
ludia si robia sami zle
to by rozjebalo aj tatku smoulu.
dj random
- tak si daj z flase - nie. ja som nachladnuta
hofmann umrel
z mozgu rovno do analu
Nie je dolezite, ci sa postavam nieco podari, ale ze to skusia a robia vsetko preto, aby to vyslo. Sny nie su supernaturalne, odrazaju obavy a predstavy. Zaroven podtrhavaju dolezitost toho, ze v zivote nie je nic dane, umoznuju preskumat moznosti a reakcie inych postav a odrazaju ich pohlad na vec. Subjektivne, explorativne, nie superlativne. Neistota, ci ide o sen alebo skutocnost odraza neistotu v zivote. Neistotu, ci nase vnimanie je spravne, ci sa svet na nase ciny rozhodne reagovat podla nasich modelov a predstav. Ci hrame spravnu hru a riesime spravny problem.
clovek ked sa raz dotkne oblakov uz nemoze sa zmenit na cerva co vryva sa len do zemskeho blata
som slepy? ??! :(
najskor sa za neho musite postavit, aby ste ho do toho chrbta mohli bodnut [jpm]
vyjeb sa na zivot ked mu nerozumis
perpetual deja vu
jeej...aky najebanucky zivot...
elitar, ci co to... nehodni su vsetci jeho.
on to tej pesnicke urobil?
z bambusu vianocny stromcek nespravis
up & down & up? & ?
grc grc grc mozog impresia plynulo unasat sa nechat.... a kde je ta pointa? nahana sa s cielom v imaginarnych dialkach. vyznam, ciel, poznanie, prijemno, sex, sex, orgazmus, neha, laska, chlad, otupelo, temnota, beznadej, nadej, dej, zlodej, dobrodej lietajuce snicky haluze do krabicky insomnia naprava ??nalava boje so sebou a podvadzanie (sa) opakovanie, nenajdenie a nehladanie a stale iluzie a sny a niekde realita, mimo vsetkych a vsetkeho svojsky interpretovana, chapana bez riesenia - preco? odkial? kam? a vsetko... . prijata bez otazok a vzbury
kanal klamal, ze mal anal
-mentalna rezervacia... -a co som ja indian?
špatná je nutná ????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!
niekedy mi je luto ze sa hudba neda jest to by boli take chute
bud masine jebe alebo ty si uz sprosty
kill your mother, rape your dog
aby si sa pred sebou nemusel za seba hanbit..........je potrebne stat sa svojou predstavou
pojebane ludske kokotenie!
caro nechceneho
color fear
-a na zaciatku sme v koncoch...
elevator plant:)
zive versus suche kvety
bezpecne proti sebablbosti
nevie to kazdy... len to kazdy robi...
ten sa zbada
esteze si nemusime umyvat zuby po kazdom slove co hovorime
ja mam v sebe tolko zvieratieeeek
teraz mam taky pocit, ze ma to svetlo pritahuje. teraz si budes hovorit co? redaktor? reporter !
ja som teraz prezila videohru
a uz sa da cas pocitat na bublinky
suvisle dojebavanie sa vsetkeho za sebou furt
lietanie pri dunaji -_-_-_ xy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Crying or weeping, is increased lacrimation due to strong emotional stress, depression or physical pain.
prosim ta nehraj tam hentu pasaz, robi mi to zle na plet
teraz by som si chcel spravit lvm snapshot mozgu
vidis buducnost?
Najhorsie je ze z takych picovin sa stava realita. A to hovorim ako psychiater.


male koniky lubi boh, hoc su len zvieratka. a kedze male koniky lubi boh, on lubi tiez aj mna. on lubi ma. on lubi ma. on velmiiii luuubiii maaaa
so many ends in the endless universe
nezapadam do davu... ...ale prachom
moja pamat si zase vymysla
- he no uz sa nam tam dostavaju aj take 40nicke dojeby.pri vinecku.decentne. - 40nicke? - no akoze styridsiatnicke.fotrovske.to mi pripada jak od takeho inteligentnejsieho fotra. ktoreho som nikdy nemal. dobre co? :)
jsem zmateny. jako kus kamene. [psi vojaci]
nechajme sa unasat dejom
to musi byt skiller od malicka. proste ako jedi. ked ma niekdo 20 uz sa jedim nestane.
a o tom ten zivot je... co najdlhsie mat zimomriavky...
spanok je lepsi ako kava
to je jedina istota ze sa mozes odjebat keby sa odjebem a svaty peter ma posle do ocistca tak ma asi jebne dufam ze bude pokoj
biedni ludia su vrtosivi. to je uz tak prirodou dane. biedny clovek je narocny. aj na svet bozi sa inac pozera, aj na kazdeho okoloiduceho krivo hladi. okolo seba sa nepokojne obzera a chyta kazde slovo - ci nevravia daco o nom...... biedny clovek je horsi od handry a od nikoho nijaku uctu ocakavat nemoze...pretoze u biedneho cloveka ma byt vsetko naopak. biedny clovek nema nic posvatneho a o dakej ambicii ani reci. [f.m.d - biedni ludia]
nech ti nejebe... ze treti rok? ako ma to potesilo. som nato uplne zabudol. by mal ten novy rok uplne inu prichut, keby som vedel ze bude dalsia strana grciek...